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mardi 9 octobre 2012

Ladies Mountain Cup

Samedi dernier, quelques Chicks de TR91 étaient à Voirons, près de Grenoble, pour participer au Ladies Mountain Cup. Flo, nous le raconte, en anglais dans le texte...

The Ladies Mountain Cup tournament was held on Saturday 6th October in Voiron, Grenoble. 

The Grenoble Club not only welcomed all of the invited teams with smiles, but also some glorious sunshine which blessed the tournament for it's entirety. Les Nordistes arrived from Ile-de-France, with the line up of Houda, Cecile, Flo (French), Flo (Kiwi), Orb, Emily, Emily (no I'm not stuttering) and of course the legenday touch matriarch Linda Acker (who initially was the tournament coach, but came onto the pitch after the 3rd game). We approached the tournament with slight trepidation and uncertainty but as the day progressed our confidence grew and our main priority was to have fun. 

We had a shaky start with losses to Free Touch, Sexy TRA (Grenoble) and the Suisse teams for our first three consecutive matches, but started to find our feet during our game against the BAABAAS63 from Clermont-Ferrand (who were all Kiwis, with the exception of two french players); we left the pitch victorious! Our success continued in our final pool match against Strasbourg. At this point we were adamant that we were done for the day, however it was announced that we were to come up against Sexy TRA to battle for the 3rd and 4th place. 

Led by our mighty captain, Houda, we fought hard against the team that had beaten us 6-1 previously. We were determined to not have a repeat of that result, and despite having 8 players in comparison to their stacked team of 12, the final whistle blew with a tied score. And the "drop off" began. With 5 players on the pitch we scored first, to which they answered with a try (the result of a slight forward pass, a small technicality). Hooter blew, and then there were 4. Unfortunately however, they scored and took the win. Again, in my opinion the long pass out to the wing for their try was very forward. I think it pertinent to mention that the three refs officiating the game were all from Grenoble, and they may not yet have studied forward passes in their referee training :P 

Despite the result though we know that we played with heart and smiles and gave it our all. Well played ladies, it was a fantastic day and a successful campaign for Womens Touch in France!

Voila aussi le résumé de Cecile, plus concis, mais tout aussi intéressant :

Un soleil éclatant, une organisation du tonerre, un tournoi bien sympa.
Nous avons quand même gagné... égalité avec Clermont... le prix de l'équipe la plus sexy !!!!!
L'équipe était un mixte de TR 91, Courant d'R et Arrows Touch Nantes
Sinon un tournoi remporté par Free Touch.

Bravo à toutes, les filles !